We Provide 360o Solutions for Project Business

We Provide 360o Solutions for Project Business

We Provide 360o Solutions for Project Business

Architectural Hardware

More than 200,000 models in door fittings alone, massive and wide range of products in stock.

Innovative interior solutions at your disposal.

Our state-of-the-art kitchen fittings would make your creative kitchen ideas and lighting a reality.

Architectural Hardware

With 200,000 door fittings from every leading provider, Project Solutions has a massive range of products in stock. The huge variety of products enable us to give advise and solutions to architects, contractors and property developers in an effective manner. MORE..

Furniture Fittings

Furniture units add the much needed augmentation and convenience to any interior space. But what truly contributes to the functionality of a furniture piece is the mix of fittings that hold the furniture together. MORE..

Sliding Solutions

We provide endless possibilities with door functionality – while our efficient range of hinge and door controller systems gives you the possibility of hanging and operating hinged doors, we also offer a magnitude of possibilities for sliding doors with our holistic range of sliding systems. MORE..

Kitchen Fittings

We understand how important your kitchen is to you. It really is the heart of your home, and should be designed for every aspect of life. This understanding is behind all our kitchen fittings and accessories. We know what you need from your kitchen, and every item is designed with you in mind. MORE..

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