Architectural Hardware

A door without the right hardware is merely a plank of wood. The necessary hinges, door closers, handles, locks and accessories, when installed, provide the true functionality of assembly, operation, security and convenience to a door. We offers you new and innovative trends in the form of its holistic range for door hardware and accessories , and backed by a strong service package that entails complete assistance from the selection phase right up to the installation and after-sales service phase of a project.

Furniture Fittings

We offer you more than 4000 individual fittings for furniture, each holding the competence of superior quality and the convenience of unmatched functionality! Our solution based approach is reinforced by a strong service package, where our specialists are by your side to aid and guide you at every step – right from designing and selection to installation and after-sales support.

Sliding Solutions

Our range of sliding solutions offer you various installation applications like straight sliding, sliding-folding or synchromotion sliding. Our systems can be customized to your specific requirement and provide the essentials for any imaginable application. We have systems for architectural applications (i.e. internal and external doors – be it wooden, glass or profiled doors) and systems for furniture applications (i.e. cabinets, wardrobes and other such units)

Kitchen Hardware

Every zone in your kitchen needs proper planning. This includes the installation of the right kind of drawers and cabinets, storage units, cooking appliances and washing and cleaning units according to the specific zone. This image explains the different zones of a kitchen and how installing the right fittings in each zone can make your kitchen a haven of ergonomic efficiency.

Hospitality Segments

We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Solutions for Hospitality . Our hardware expertise for hotels and resorts is based on an extensive and varied range of functional hardware – including door and furniture hardware, sliding door systems and advanced access control systems. Within the hospitality industry hardware and software solutions have also been a way for companies to provide a better experience.


The design of Interior lighting concepts thus plays a key role today; it dictates the mood and ambience of a room and thereby determines the quality of the overall design space.
The practical, aesthetic and emotional aspects of lighting ensure that the proposed concepts contribute to the unique and flexible room design – in residential, commercial, office and display settings as well as in hotels and recreational spaces.